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Saint Seiya: The Hades Chapter Season 4 Episode 2

Ikki is about to follow his friends, but Pandora warns him that if he enters the path, he will be destroyed, since his Cloth is not bathed in Athena’s blood. The six final Specters follow them. Pandora explains that 13 years ago, she lived a peaceful life in Heinstein Castle, before it became Hades’ Castle. She lived with her parents, servants and many pets. One day, she found an old shed, locked for 200 years. Curious, she went inside, and found a box with Athena’s seal. She opened it, releasing two deities, Thanatos and Hypnos, gods of Death and Sleep. They tell Pandora that her mother will give birth to Hades’ soul and order her to take care of it, giving her the power to control the Specters and promising her eternal life. When Hades’ reincarnation arrived, everyone except Pandora died in the castle. That was also the reason she went after Shun long ago. After meeting Ikki and the Saints, she realized what Hades promised was a lie and decides to help him, by giving him a necklace that will let him travel to the Elysium Fields safely. Pandora then mysteriously dies, for betraying Hades, but not before warning Ikki of Thanatos and Hypnos, gods and Hades’ most loyal servants. The six Specters appear and they are killed by Ikki. With their deaths, all 108 Specters have died. Ikki places the rosary on Pandora’s body, promising to avenge her. With his Phoenix wings, Ikki heads to the Elysium Fields. Nymphs warn Thanatos of a “demon” who entered the fields. The god investigates, meeting Seiya, who tells him Saori died. Hypnos, Thanatos’ twin brother, appears, and reveals that Thanatos killed Pandora for helping Ikki. However, Hypnos has not killed Saori. Saori is in an urn, located outside a tower where Hades’ body is located. Hypnos put her in a deep sleep, and the urn absorbs the blood of its victim. When the urn turns completely red, Saori will die. Seiya rushes to her rescue and Thanatos tries to stop him, but Seiya dodges the attack and counters while running towards Saori. Thanatos finally hits Seiya, destroying his wings. Meanwhile, Shaina, reunited with Marin, Jabu, Ichi, Ban, Geki, Nachi and Kiki, asks Marin where she was. Kiki then brings the mysterious girl from before. Marin reveals the girl’s identity: Seiya’s long-lost sister, Seika. Seiya hears his sister’s voice, and gets up again, attacking Thanatos with his Comet Punch.

Episode Title: Gods of Death and Sleep

Air Date: 2008-03-07


Saint Seiya: The Hades Chapter Season 4 Episode 2