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Saint Seiya: The Hades Chapter Season 4 Episode 3

Shaina tries talking to Seika, but she has amnesia. She lived all this time in a small village near the Sanctuary. Six years ago, when Seiya came to the Sanctuary, Seika also traveled to Greece, hoping to find her brother, but fell off a cliff, and almost died. An elderly villager found her and rescued her, but she lost her memories since then. Marin knows how Seika felt, because she was also searching for her younger brother. Thanatos recovers from Seiya’s attack, but notices blood stains on himself. Angered that he was wounded by a human, he mercilessly attacks Seiya, but then decides to kill Seika from afar as revenge. Shaina and everyone else notice Seika is in pain. Thanatos shows him an manifested image, showing Seiya his sister Seika, telling him he is killing her. Kiki senses a powerful Cosmos about to attack Seika, and he stands in the way of the blast. Kiki senses another blast, and Marin takes the blow this time. Thanatos speaks to them, saying he will kill Seika. A third blast comes, and Shaina takes the hit. Jabu and everyone else burn their Cosmos, surrounding Seika, protecting her, telling Seiya to keep fighting, for they will keep his sister safe. They form a barrier, but Thanatos’ blast breaks the barrier, injuring them. Seiya tries using the Pegasus Rolling Crash, but it is useless against the evil god. Shun comes to Seiya’s rescue, but Thanatos attacks him as well, destroying the Rolling Defense. Shiryu and Hyoga arrive, but their attacks are useless. Ikki finally arrives. Although he manages to break Thanatos’ helmet, Ikki is also no match for Thanatos and suffers his Terrible Providence. However, Thanatos feels a strong vibration, coming from the 12 Gold Cloths. The five Bronze Saints get up again, but the Terrible Providence destroys all five of the Bronze Cloths. Suddenly, five Gold Cloths travel through the dimensions, arriving at the Elysium Fields. Now, Sagittarius Seiya, Libra Shiryu, Aquarius Hyoga, Virgo Shun and Leo Ikki prepare to fight Thanatos.

Episode Title: Gold Reinforcements

Air Date: 2008-05-02


Saint Seiya: The Hades Chapter Season 4 Episode 3