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Saint Seiya: The Hades Chapter Season 4 Episode 4

Aiolos, Dohko, Camus, Shaka and Aiolia’s spirits sent their Cloths to help the Saints. Thanatos deduces that Poseidon sent the Cloths to the Elysium Fields. Back on Earth, Sorrento, who is travelling with Julian Solo, senses Poseidon in Julian’s body. He tells Sorrento that he has sent the Gold Cloths, though still sealed, in order to help the Bronze Saints and also deduces the Grand Eclipse is launched by Hades, attempting to rule the Earth. Julian comes back to his senses and Poseidon returns to his eternal sleep. Seiya and his friends launch their signature moves against Thanatos at the same time, but they are ineffective, as the evil god destroys the Gold Cloths. Seiya begins to lose hope, but Saori speaks to him, urging him not to give up, since they are still alive. Marin, Shaina, Jabu and the others give him words of encouragement, and as Seiya yells out her name, Seika recovers her memory, screaming out her brother’s name. Seiya recovers, burning his Cosmos, and amazingly, his Cloth transforms and covers him, revealing a new Pegasus Cloth. Hypnos appears, revealing it is a God Cloth, an armor capable of rivaling the armors worn by the Olympian Gods. Seiya recovers Athena’s Cloth, taken by Thanatos, but as he attacks, Seiya blocks the technique and counters with Meteor of Pegasus, destroying Thanatos’ Cloth. Thanatos attacks again, but is finally killed by the Pegasus Comet Punch. Seiya heads for Hades’ Tower to save Saori.

Episode Title: Legendary God Cloths

Air Date: 2008-05-02


Saint Seiya: The Hades Chapter Season 4 Episode 4